Dr. Patrick Magovern

Dr Patrick Magovern I qualified in 1980. After the usual postgraduate training, I spent several satisfying years working as a hospital and community-based family doctor in a remote setting in Northern Canada, doing emergency department work, in-patient medical care and GP obstetrics including deliveries. I was a strong devotee of 'traditional, conventional medicine 'and viewed anything else as quackery.

I slowly realised that Western 'conventional' disease-based high-tech medicine is excellent in most situations, but had little to offer for those patients in whom I could not find a treatable diagnosis.

The most frequently-occurring complaints were low energy, digestive disturbances, 'female hormone problems', mood problems, sleep problems, non-cardiac chest pain, migraine, fibromyalgia and nonsurgical back pain. The tests were all normal: there was "nothing seriously wrong" which was welcome news to the patient, but what could be done to help them?

From 1989 onwards, I travelled widely, mostly in the U.S. and Canada, to develop further skills in the area of medicine now known as "Functional Medicine". Initially having concentrated intensively on learning acupuncture, I found I needed a much wider variety of arrows in my quiver.

So, I complemented my conventional medical training with allergy and intolerance, bio-identical hormone therapies, nutritional medicine, detoxification, and a basic understanding of how brain chemistry works.

Functional Medicine has been the major part of my work since 1992.